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3 Big Reasons to do the Green Smoothie Pilates Challenge

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Nutribullet Pro Blender Information – Cost Design & Features

Nutribullet Pro Blender Nutribullet Pro Blender Cost The Nutribullet Pro Blender has 3 main – blender models – which vary in cost depending on the ...
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Blendtec Blender Basic Information – Costs Design & Features

Blendtec Blender Information Lowest price – $279 ($25/month with financing) – Use this link and Get FREE SHIPPING & a $20 Gift Card. Learn More The ...
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2016 Blender Giveaway Winner – Congrats Stacie!

Summer 2016 WINNER Winner for The Daily Vitamin 2016 Summer Blender Giveaway is Stacie Humphrey. Congrats Stacie, may the good blend be with ...
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6 Amazing Natural Smoothie Supplements by TruVibe Organics

  What Makes TruVibe Organics Great We experiment with products from a lot of companies at The Daily Vitamin. Yet TruVibe Organics comes ...
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What You Eat Is as Important as How Much You Eat – Fat Burning Foods

Longevity studies have shown the importance of not only eating the right number of calories to support your metabolism but eating low-glycemic nutrient-dense ...
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Brad Pit loses everything because of a bad diet

Could a better diet have saved Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Brad Pit just lost everything because he wasn’t taking care of himself. Take ...
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Blend Fresh Plant Based Protein vs Whey Protein – Best Protein Supplement

You are what you eat!  That’s a quote my dad has been telling me all my life.  He said “there’s nothing more important ...
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