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3 Big Reasons to do the Green Smoothie Pilates Challenge

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It’s Simple…

Drink Green Smoothies and Do Online Pilates Workouts From Home

Save Gas, Time, and Money

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired…? Join our Green Smoothie Pilates Challange and become stronger than EVER. This is a quick and easy program you can do right from home. It will help you get in shape, lose weight, detox your body, and make you feel stronger than ever before. It’s a total life changing program and it’s hosted by professional Pilates instructor, Jasmine Adele, who guides you through the workouts. Jasmine Adele has been teaching Pilates in the Orange County area for over 7 years and has developed 3 custom Pilates workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pilates levels which you get access to when you sign up, it’s FREE! Jasmine and The Daily Vitamin Team have selected 14 green smoothie recipes which contain essential amino acids, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to drink before or after your Pilates workouts to help your body recover faster and to give you long lasting energy throughout your day. Detoxify your body, get rid of those unhealthy toxins, give your skin a new healthy glow. Join The Challenge

Why Green Smoothies?

Do more than just rid your body of unhealthy toxins which get stored into your system. Green Smoothies are nutrient-rich, and give your liver a break from having to break down nutrients from heavy meats and fast foods which make you slower and fattier, and take a long time to digest. (Burrrp) You absorb way more nutrients when you drink green-smoothies with fruits and vegetables rather than eating some pancakes and bacon. The equation is that you’ll absorb around 90% to 95% of a liquified Green Smoothie compared to only around 40% to 50% of nutrients from fast foods, raw fruits and vegetables, and heavy meats. The recipes in the challenge contain essential vegetables and fruits that will help your body recover faster and give you energy for your day.

Green Smoothies + Pilates

will help your bodies functionality, mental focus, and will help give you overall better energy everyday, You will see a difference in your energy levels, endurance, and notice more mental clarity. You can do the program for as long as you want, there is no pressure. We recommend that you do it for at least 14 days. Start with the beginner Pilates workout and slowly move onto more advanced workouts and adjust your green smoothies recipes as you go.

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22 MORE Reasons to do OUR Challenge

Reason 1: Weight Loss
It is a proven fact that Green Smoothies help you lose weight. Green Smoothies are considered a complete food and you get a large dose of fiber when you drink one, enough fiber to replace a meal. You can load up on Green Smoothies throughout your day cut down on your meat and dairy consumption. This combined with a daily Pilates workout can have tremendous healthy affects on your muscles and body figure.

Reason 2: Better Digestion
Give your liver a break, drink green smoothies. Your body has to work so hard to break down dairy and meat and all those heavy foods only to absorb only around 40% of the nutrients. By liquifying your whole foods your body is able to absorb around 95% of the nutrients and your liver doesn’t have to work so hard to break everything down.

Reason 3: Long Lasting Energy
Green Smoothies have been proven to provide the body with a balanced longer lasting energy because of the green vegetables. Fruits are a great source of energy but contain higher amounts of sugar which your body metabolizes quickly and the energy from fruits comes in short bursts. By combining green vegetables into the smoothie you get a balanced sugar content which provides long lasting energy.

Reason 4: Better Skin
Get a healthy GLOW with a Green Smoothie Diet. The Nutrients in Green Smoothies naturally improve Skin tones, and strengthen Hair. A Green Smoothie diet is a natural way to have healthy vibrant skin.

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Reason 5: Stronger Abs
Pilates workouts do wonders for you abs and muscle tone. The Originator, Joseph Pilates, developed a natural program of body movements with proper breathing techniques which specifically benefit you Abs as well as other parts of the body.

Reason 6: Healthier Cell Function
The nutrients provided by the Green Smoothies will improve Cell function to fight off diseases, viruses, and prevent heart disease, strokes, and cancers. The Pilates workouts will keep your body at top physical condition which creates an overall better functioning body.

Reason 7: Boosts your Immune System
Your immune system will naturally be able to fight off common colds and other illnesses with frequently exercising and drinking large amounts of nutrient-rich fiber you are strengthening your entire body and riding yourself of toxins which make you get sick.

Reason 8: Eliminates Toxins
Because of the high amounts of nutrients your body is taking in while you’re drinking green smoothies, your body will automatically start to rid itself of unhealthy toxins and bad fats and replace them with healthy fats and nutrients.

Reason 9: Large amounts of Chlorophyll
Green Smoothies are great for the blood, the green in the vegetables contains chlorophyll which is created through natural sunlight.

Reason 10: Sneak in those vegetables
RAW Vegetables contain all the natural live enzymes from the plant and by blending them you receive all the nutrition that plant has to offer. It’s much easier to blend vegetables into a delicious smoothie where you can absorb more of the nutrients compared to cooking vegetables where you kill the live enzymes and most of the time kids won’t eat it, and it doesn’t taste that great.

Reason 11: Mental Clarity
Those of us who have tried Pilates know that after a good workout you are more mentally focused and can think a little more clearly. Pilates and Green Smoothies together will help your mind function at an optimal level because of the clarity you will achieve from a strong workout and the high amount of nutrient rich fiber you are consuming.

Reason 12: Easy to make and Easy to clean
Blending is quick and painless, there are no pots and pans involved, no dishes to clean up. It’s a fast way to give your body nutrients.

Reason 13: Prevents Diabetes
Green Smoothies help prevent Diabetes by keeping your blood sugar levels normal, especially when you blend in dandelion greens(which contain Insulin) and cinnamon. A few common symptoms of diabetics are frequent urination, insatiable thirst, pain in your feet and legs, blurred vision and slow healing of cuts and bruises.

Reason 14: Lowers the Risk of Depression
Green Smoothies are an easy way to combat depression naturally with clean green energy which boosts your moods. Blend in Gluten-free Grains, fruits, and Omega-3 Fats (Chia seeds and Flax Seeds) into your green smoothie recipes to really get rid of those blues.

Reason 15: Less chance of overeating
By drinking just 1 Green Smoothie a day your body will have more energy and you will feel full longer, you can use green smoothies for meal replacements and as in between meal snacks to help you loose weight or prevent over eating throughout your day.

Reason 16: The Body can absorb more calcium from Kale than from dairy milk
Yes, it’s true! Kale has 150 mg of calcium per 100 grams while milk has 125 mg per 100 grams. Kale also has less calories and less monounsaturated fat than dairy. Make sure to consume organic Kale because it is a common vegetable to have pesticides.

Reason 17: Helps balance healthy hormone levels
Leafy greens are rich in nutrients which are great for your blood and energy levels and are also rich in fiber which help flush out toxins. Make sure to rotate your greens on a regular basis.

Reason 18: Improves Triglycerides
RAW Fruits and Vegetables will naturally lower cholesterol and Triglycerides if you consume them on a regular basis, do this along with avoiding red meats, dairy, and saturated fats. When you blend Raw Fruits and Vegetables into a smoothie your body can absorb more of the nutrients compared to eating them raw.

Reason 19: Decreases chances of getting cancer
Kale is rated one of the top foods in the world to fight and prevent cancer. The natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients in a Green Smoothie diet can decrease Cancers from Growing and spreading. Vitamin K is abundant in Kale which studies have shown can prevent tumor growths and fight off different types of cancers.

Reason 20: Be Happier
By doing our Green Smoothie Pilates Challenge you will become happier naturally because you are giving yourself natural energy from the nutrient rich green smoothies and proper exercises which your body needs to function at an optimal level to stay mentally and physically focused and strong.

Reason 21: Cheap
Green Smoothies are inexpensive to make. You can get away with spending just $1 on a homemade Green Smoothie compared to spending $6 to $8 at a Juice Shop or Coffee Shop or eating a heavy breakfast for $10 to $15.

Reason 22: Complete Food because it retains all the fiber
When you juice whole foods a majority of the nutrition goes to waste because the fruits and vegetables are extracted from the drink. But by making a Green Smoothie you retain all the natural fiber from the skins, seeds, and leaves of the plant which is where most of the nutrients are.

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10 More Reasons Why You Should Do Pilates

Jasmine Adele Pilates Instructor

Reason 23: Pilates makes you smarter

Studies have shown that Pilates can quite literally make you smarter.
Declining changes begin to occur in the brain once we enter our late 20’s and the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus, parts of the brain that are vital for memory and performing of skilled tasks and complex mental activities, begin to actually shrink. (National Institute on Aging – NIA.gov)

However, lucky for all of us, we can stop our brains from shrinking, create new brain cells, and protect our current ones through the implementation of regular exercise and more specifically through the practice of mind body forms of exercise such as Pilates or yoga.
It has been researched and sited in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health that people have a significant boost in brain function capabilities following Pilates or yoga compared to other non mindful forms of exercise such as aerobic activity and weight lifting.

It is important to note that this boost in brain function is highly beneficial as it translates far beyond your practice of Pilates and improves cognitive performance in your overall daily life. (Medicalnewstoday.com)

Reason 24: Pilates helps you breathe better
Breath is one of the 6 key Pilates principles and it is an integral part of Pilates exercise.
Learning to breathe deeply in Pilates will in crease your lung capacity and improve your overall health and well being.

In his book, Return to Life Through Contrology, Joseph Pilates stated “Lazy breathing converts the lungs, both literally and figuratively speaking, into a cemetery for the deposition of diseased, dying and dead germs as well as supplying an ideal haven for the multiplication of other harmful germs.”
WOW! Now we see why breathing is so vital to healthy living.

Conscious deep breathing offers many health benefits including the promotion of better blood flow, the reduction of stress and blood pressure, encourages better sleep, it allows for the release of tension and toxins in the body, and it will also help strengthen your abdominals quicker and more effectively through out your workouts and daily lives.

Reason 25: Pilates will help you sleep better
Regular exercise is one of the best natural ways to overcome insomnia or simply help you get fuller and deeper sleep.

My clients and I know first hand that we always sleep better if we’ve had a Pilates session that day.
This is largely due to the fact that Pilates helps you breath more deeply, it alleviates a troubled nervous system, helps to realign the body, reduces stress levels. All of these are important aspects needed to achieve better quality sleep.

Reason 26: Pilates will give you a strong core and beautiful abs
Pilates has a reputation for giving people a strong core and flat abs.
This is due to the fact that there is constant and repetitive focus on core control and stabilization in all Pilates classes. Whether you’re using your own body weight or the assistance of the springs on the apparatus you are stimulating deep muscle development, activating your metabolism, and burning fat. All of which offer both a stronger core and a more aesthetically pleasing mid section.

Reason 27: Pilates will help you prevent injuries
Pilates focuses on core strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility. These are fundamentals that are also applied in conditioning and rehabilitation centers.
Pilates exercises work to strengthen muscles in a balanced way both concentrically and eccentrically, which contributes towards obtaining muscular control and injury prevention.

Pilates is truly for every body. From the injured to the professional athlete.
Today, many professional athletes enhance their performance by participating in Pilates because it has become one of the leading forms of exercise in which you can strengthen your core and deep intercostal muscles while simultaneously increasing your flexibility without the fear of injury.

Reason 28: Pilates will make you look taller
It is completely true that Pilates has been known to make people appear taller.
The majority of people either sit at a desk all day or unknowingly walk around with hunched shoulders, compressed spines, and loose abdominals.
Poor posture creates imbalances in the body that can cause pain, contributes towards a weak core, and will make you look much shorter than you were intended to be in life.

So how can Pilates help you?
Pilates focuses on simultaneously lengthening and strengthening the muscles in the body and has been proven to strengthen bones, correct alignment issues, correct posture problems, and preserve the health of the spine.
This means that you can correct current damage that has been done to the spine as well as prevent skeletal shrinkage.

Reason 29: Pilates will help you become more flexible
Every exercise in Pilates offers a complimentary stretch. There is no other form of exercise that allows you to strengthen your body while simultaneously stretching it out. Pilates movements inately allow you to keep your muscles flexible and supple. In Pilates we understand that a flexible muscle is a healthy muscle. Regular Pilates practice makes something as simple as a daily task like walking up and down stairs to your favorite intense sport all the more comfortable to accomplish and less strenuous on the body.

Reason 30: Pilates will boost your self esteem
Joseph Pilates said “Contrology (aka Pilates) develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit”.

Posture and proper body alignment, two very key components of Pilates that are important for your health, but even more so feeling and seeing the changes that Pilates brings about emotionally and physcially will bring a new found spirit and confidence into your life.

Reason 31: Pilates is anti-aging and can help you look younger.
Joseph Pilates said “You are only as young as your spine is flexible.
If your spin is inflexible and stiff at 30, you are old. If your spine is completely flexible at 60, you are young.”
The age of our body is directly linked to the age of our spine.
In order to have a healthy spine we need a strong core, a flexible body, and musculoskeletal balance.
A healthy spine, just like the young, will allow your to look lean, stand tall, and be happy and healthy.
Pilates can help you get there.

Reason 32: Pilates is FUN!
I love Pilates! There are so many accessories and toys to play with in a mat class, while the apparatus classes offer fun and exciting equipment to explore. In Pilates you can lift, hang, stretch, jump on boards that are similar to trampolines, and work on multi level surfaces with ropes, straps, and pulleys .
What other workout offers all the benefits mentioned above while getting to enjoy a private workout especially designed for you, or a fun fitness regimen with friends.

3 Big Reasons to do the Green Smoothie Pilates Challenge


Reason 33: It’s FREE

Save your money from those online programs which cost money. Spend you money on more important things like superfood powders, high powered blenders, and RAW ORGANIC fruits and vegetables. The Daily Vitamin Green Smoothie Pilates Challenge is FREE and included in the Program you will get a shopping list of the ingredients needed to complete both weeks of the challenge and you will also get 14 Green Smoothie recipes which you get to keep after the program is completed. Also, you get 3 FREE online videos with Jasmine Adele, a professional Pilates Instructor and Trainer.

Reason 34: Quick and easy Exercises you can do from home

Jasmine came up with 3 different Pilates videos specially for this program to fit your time schedule and physical abilities. She designed a Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Pilates Video which you can do right from home. Each video consists of different Pilates moves and workouts, and you can start with the Beginners video and slowly move up to more advanced Pilates workouts.

Reason 35: Do it on your Own Time and Set your own Goals

Driving and going to the gym can take up 2 hours of your day and who has that kind of time? Our Program doesn’t require you to put your gym clothes on or get ready for the gym. Everything is done at your pace and on your time. The Pilates workout videos are 10 minutes for beginners, 20 minutes for intermediate, and 30 minutes for the Advanced Workout! You can choose to do which ever one you want and do the program at your own pace. We at The Daily Vitamin like to Drink our Green Smoothies in the morning or for a lunch time snack, but you can choose to drink it anytime you feel is best for you. You don’t need a high powered Blendtec or Vitamix blender for this program, you can make all of the green smoothie recipes using a regular blender! But, of coarse we recommend getting a high powered blender because the smoothies will be easier to drink and taste better.

Join the Challenge

In Conclusion

We know that everyone has their own agenda and is looking to benefit somehow from this program. You can choose to stop the program after 14 days or if you wish to keep moving forward and moving onto a more advanced Pilates workout, lose more weight, or build or tone your muscles more you can keep on going. Once you sign up the Green Smoothie Pilates Challenge the Recipes, Online Videos, Shopping Lists, and 8 BONUS RECIPES are yours to keep. You can do the program for as long as you want until you reach your desired goal. Green Smoothies are great for an afternoon snack or if you’re looking to lose weight you can make thicker green smoothies with more fiber and use it as a meal replacement. Not only will this cleanse your body of harmful toxins, rejuvenate vibrant skin color, strengthen the immune system, give you energy, and overall make you feel great. You will also wake up feeling energized and ready for your day, more than before. Are you ready!! Try all our Green smoothie recipes, leave comments below and tell us how you like our program and are recipes.

You can sign up for FREE at GreenSmoothiePilatesChallenge.com. When you sign up you will get the 14 Green Smoothie Recipes, downloadable or printable shopping lists, and links to the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Pilates videos with Jasmine Adele. Everything you need to get healthy and in shape are right here.

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Note: Before starting the Green Smoothies Pilates Challenge or any cleanse, detox or intense workout program, make sure to consult your physician or doctor, especially if you have a medical condition like a bad heart or Diabetes or if you are pregnant or nursing. Detoxing does not substitute for medical diagnoses, treatment, or professional care.

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