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The Pilates Challenge – GSPC

Start The Green Smoothie Pilates Challenge 

Quick Pilates workouts you can do from home. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Pilates levels included: The program was designed by professional Pilates instructor Jasmine Adele. Jasmine teaches you Pilates moves and guides you through the Pilates Program. Follow along with Jasmine Adele from home as she guides you through the Pilates workouts. Sign up and you’ll get the 2 week shopping list of smoothie recipes and ingredients, you’ll also receive an E Book with the Recipes, along with Blending Tips and Techniques. Not only that you receive all 3 Pilates training videos with Jasemine Adele Pilates. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels. Sign Up it’s FREE.

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10 Min Fat Burning Weight Loss Workout

Celebrity Fitness and Diet Trainer and Nutritionist Brandon Greenawalt performs 10 easy Fat Burning Weight Loss workouts which you can do right from home.  10 online exercises to help you burn fat and lose weight. Follow along with Brandon through this quick video to strengthen and tone up.


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