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Smoothies Smoothies and Smoothies who doesn’t like a good smoothie recipe or juice recipe. Make sure to take a look at getting a high power blender. It will allow you to liquify the ingredients better for a smoother smoothie. Also, the taste produced from high powered blenders such as a Blendtec – Vitamix – or – Nutribullet – will be better than the taste from a regular blender. Smoothies, Juices, Ice Creams, Soups, Flours, and more. Our favorite recommended blenders for high powered blending are the Blendtec blenders. They are great Smoothie Blenders, and are able to liquify ingredients very easily. They offer very good deals on their refurbished lines, where you can purchase one for around $300 and put it on a payment plan. Click here to find out more. Free Shipping is included.


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