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Special Offer – Purchase a Blendtec blender and get a Gift Card

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Purchase a Blendtec Blender and Get a Amazon Gift Card

As a gift to our fans and followers we are excited to offer three different Bonus Rewards for Blendtec Classic Blender models and Blendtec Designer Blender models. The reward for purchasing a Blendtec Total Blender Classic or Blendtec Classic Series 575 blender is that you will receive an Amazon Gift Card of $12 from us here at The Daily Vitamin. For Purchasing a Blendtec Designer Series blender you will receive an Amazon Gift Card of in the amount of $20 from us here at The Daily Vitamin. Finally, if you decide to purchase a Blendtec Professional 800 Series blender, you will receive a $30 Gift Card from us here at The Daily Vitamin.

Click here to activate FREE SHIPPING, on all Blendtec blender models.

Note “Free shipping on Blendtec blenders is only available to the United States and Canada.

Blendtec Blender Rewards Breakdown

Different Blender models are priced differently, depending on which one you go with will determine how much your gift card will be. 

Gift Card Prizes are as follows:

  1. Purchase a Blendtec Total Blender or Classic 575 Blender and you are eligible to receive a $12 Amazon Gift Card
  2. Purchase a Blendtec Designer 625, Blendtec Designer 675, or Blendtec Designer 725, and you are eligible for a $20 Gift Card
  3. Purchase a Blendtec Professional 800 Commercial Series Blender and you are eligible for a $30 Gift Card

How to Claim your Gift Card: 

  • Once you make your blender purchase you will receive a confirmation code from Blendtec. Email the Confirmation code for your blender purchase to: TheDailyVitaminBonusRewards@gmail.com
  • The Gift Card will come directly to your email and you will be able to use it immediately for online purchases. Amazon has nothing to do with this promotion, this is solely a promotion being done by The Daily Vitamin Team.
  • So once your purchase your blender, simply forward your Confirmation Code from Blendtec to:
  • TheDailyVitaminBonusRewards@gmail.com
  • Once we confirm the purchase was made from The Daily Vitamin website, we will email you the Gift Card. We check the email once or twice a week, so it might take a few days to get it to you.  If you have any questions or haven’t received your gift card please call us at: (424) 239 – 9530. 
  • Thank you, please leave any comments you have below.
  • We thank you for your support, and we will continue to push ways to be healthy and strong and to inform you of the new products emerging in the world of health and wellness.



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